Australia/New Zealand

Australia/New Zealand Pocket WiFi Rental for Travellers

Casual internet access for travellers in Australia/New Zealand is notoriously expensive. Only a few cities offer free WiFi within the CBD, and most hotels charge an exorbitant amount just to use a measly 200MB of data! Tethering with your phone can leave you with a crushing data bill when you get home. That’s where our Australia/New Zealand WiFi egg comes in!

iNet provides an Australia/New Zealand pocket WiFi service with a personal Pocket WiFi router so that you can immediately enjoy mobile WiFi service while you travel. It’s ideal for tourists, business travellers, short-term students and family visitors. Forget having to pay $20AUD per day at your hotel – or worse, spending all your time and money in cafés just to get an internet connection! You’ll love how affordable it is, whether you’re in Australia/New Zealandn for a week or a month.

Pickup is available in over 400 SF Express locations. With so many locations around Hong Kong, there’s sure to be one within blocks of you. You can even pick up your rental unit on the way to the airport! At just 140g, it’s light enough to add in to your hand luggage – it slots nicely into the front pocket of a laptop bag. To make a booking, simply fill out the online form or call us directly. iNet recommends booking rental well ahead of departure to ensure timely confirmation.

Call us at +852 3502 1188. You can also contact us through email to