Portable WiFi Egg Rental for a Fast Connection in India

Being connected to the internet is something we increasingly rely on in the modern age, and travelling overseas can be difficult when you don’t have a reliable connection. Using the data included in your regular plan is incredibly expensive when used internationally, and free wireless networks found in public are notoriously inconsistent, so what is the answer? An iNet portable WiFi router is what you need to stay connected when on the move.

Putting convenience in your pocket

Sending emails, calling home, booking hotels and uploading files — with a pocket-sized router with you at all times, you can connect on the go during business or leisure in India. The device offers a competitively priced plan with no shock fees so that you can track your spend while you make us of an unlimited* 3G connection throughout India using Vodafone’s extensive coverage. With a battery that lasts for 6 to 8 hours and connections available for up to 5 users, the iNet Indonesia WiFi Egg will give you the convenience you need while you travel.

How do I get one?

Once you have placed an order, you can pick up the device yourself or organise a courier to do it for you. Otherwise, we can offer free delivery at Hong Kong’s industrial and commercial address for members.

We also offer pocket routers for Vietnam, Indonesia and a variety of other countries so that you have online access even on trips through multiple countries.

Make a booking for portable WiFi

To reserve your iNet pocket egg for travel in India, call us at 852 3502 1188 or submit a booking request online. Otherwise, feel free to email and connect with us on WeChat for a 5% price reduction!

*Provided under the Fair Use Policy